Purchasing A Home With A Swimming Pool?

Buying a new home with a backyard pool may make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, especially if a swimming pool is on your dream house wish list. And in the exciting and fun Nashville, Tennessee area to boot? That’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Ensure you get the best from your pool with a swimming pool inspection.

There’s just something about swimming pools and backyard spas that make a home more inviting and liveable. Swimming pools are the ideal gathering space, whether you enjoy inviting friends and family over for fun backyard barbecues or want a tranquil private space to relax, either alone or with loved ones. So if you find your dream home with a swimming pool, you may be ready to jump in on move-in day!

Don’t jump into the cool, sparkling water to cool off from the brutal Nashville summer heat just yet, though. Before closing, it is vital to have your new swimming pool thoroughly inspected by a professional pool inspector, along with the routine home inspection. This will help you understand the current condition of your potential new swimming pool and its plumbing and equipment systems. If there’s a costly repair hiding below that sparkling surface, you are going to want to know about it. You might miss it by not working with a dedicated pool inspector. Once you are made aware of a potential issue with your lovely new pool, you may even be able to negotiate that the seller addresses the repair and maintenance of the pool before you purchase the home. That is a huge advantage to you as a new homebuyer because you are fully informed before you sign on the line. 

Why not just get the swimming pool inspected with the rest of the house by the home inspector? Do you really need to get the swimming pool inspected separately? 

While most home inspectors may be able to give your potential new pool a general inspection, they are not always well-versed in the intricacies of swimming pools. That is why working with a dedicated, experienced pool inspector is your best way to get the most thorough inspection of your pool. Swimming pool structures, plumbing, and other equipment are a bit more complicated than they seem and require a professional trained in pool know-how. In fact, many Nashville real estate professionals strongly recommend working with a designated pool inspector for this reason alone.

Pool Defenders live and breathe pools. We’ve seen the best and worst Nashville pools have to offer. We will provide the detailed pool inspection you need to make sure the home you are buying has a sound, safe swimming pool so that you know you’re making a good investment in your new home.

For Current Nashville Area Homeowners with Swimming Pools

If you’ve owned a swimming pool for many years, you’re probably more familiar with the kind of work or maintenance required to care for a swimming pool. So you’ll know when your pool looks a little aged and its original equipment could use an update. You might also be interested in making your swimming pool more energy-efficient. Each of these steps is important in caring for and preserving your pool for many years to come. After all, you made a huge investment in your swimming pool – you want it to last! 

We here at Pool Defenders have a lot of tips to make your Nashville swimming pool more energy-efficient. That’s why we offer Energy Audits for Pools.

Pool Defenders can help with the process of updating your swimming pool with our thorough pool inspection services. We will review every detail of your pool, from the interior to the coping to decking to the pump, and everything in between, and recommend the best pool contractor to work with to make your Nashville swimming pool like new. Pool Defenders also has a great selection of replacement pumps and other equipment, should your old equipment break or simply not work as efficiently as it could. 

For Current Nashville Homeowners looking to Sell their Home with a Swimming Pool

Maybe the time has come for you to sell your Nashville home and move, so you want to take care of any repairs needed before you put your house on the market. 

If you are preparing to sell your home in or around the Nashville area, Pool Defenders can provide the pool inspection services you need to help you do everything you can to prep your home to sell. Having your swimming pool inspected will give you a ballpark figure on the kind of updates you will have to do before you move…even before you put your house up for sale. 

This may sound like an extra step, but most real estate agents recommend having your swimming pool fully operational before listing the house for sale. This ensures that any potential buyers can thoroughly inspect your pool for themselves, so there are no surprises if they purchase your house.

A professional pool inspection is not a service you want to skimp out on when selling your house. Working with a pool inspector, along with a home inspector, to prepare your Nashville home to sell will ensure that you get the very best price. A well-kept, newly updated, and energy-efficient swimming pool will also raise the market value of your home and could be an excellent selling point to potential homebuyers, so a pool inspection is worth the investment in prepping your house to be sold.

A certified pool inspector like the Pool Defenders is the best choice for your pool

Is a swimming pool inspection optional? Yes, but you’ll be missing an opportunity to take advantage of an excellent service that will only benefit your home and backyard. Whether you are buying or selling your Nashville area home with a pool, or simply want to give your current swimming pool a proper update, your swimming pool is a big investment. Swimming pools give us so much back; a place to relax and unwind, a place to exercise and stay healthy, a place to entertain friends and family…the list goes on. So a professional pool inspection is definitely worth the time and investment for your swimming pool.

Pool Defenders Inspections Get the Advantage. Defend your Investment. Contact us today to defend your investment in your swimming pool. Email us at info@wordpress-1099390-3861545.cloudwaysapps.com or give us a call at 615-336-8401.

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