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Want to switch over to Energy-Saving Pool Equipment? Pool Defenders can help! With our Energy Audit for Pools, we will inspect your pool thoroughly and provide you with an energy audit report that you can use to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient. We also sell energy-saving pool equipment if you would like to upgrade outdated pool equipment like pumps and heaters. If you need more ideas on how to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient – and save money each month – check out our Energy-Efficient Tips for pools.

Our pool inspections services

Here is what pool inspections from a professional pool inspector with Pool Defenders will find that a home inspector may not be able to uncover:

Pool structure and surrounding area

The pool’s physical condition, such as visual inspections of interior finish, and surrounding areas — like patio material and decking — should be thoroughly inspected in all pool inspections. While some wear and tear of the pool’s structure may be obvious to the untrained eye, such as large cracks in the bottom of the pool or a rotting deck, an expert Pool Defender inspector will be more aware of finer details of deterioration that will need to be addressed. We also check the “coping” or material around the edge of the pool, which is typically 12 to 18 inches wide and made of concrete, brick, or natural stone. Damage to the coping like cracks and chips can injure a swimmer’s feet, lead to tripping, and add debris to your pool.

Plumbing and Equipment for Pools

Pool Defenders will thoroughly inspect all above-ground plumbing and equipment, like pumps, filters, and heaters, to ensure that it’s all in working order and secure in all pool inspections. As experienced pool inspectors, we will be able to turn on all equipment and observe whether it’s operating properly or not. If we find an issue, we will make the best recommendations on how to address repairs of pool plumbing and equipment.

Pool Covers for Maintenance and Safety

Pool covers are one of the most important tools to use in the care and maintenance of your swimming pool. They prevent dust and debris from falling into your pool’s water and clogging up your pool cleaner and filters. If you have little ones, a pool safety cover can even make pools safe around young children and pets. Pool Defenders will be able to identify any problems or wear and tear of your pool’s cover and give recommendations to either repair or replace it with a more durable safety cover. 

Check Automation and Remote Controls

Pool Defenders understand and know how to work all automation of an operating panel or remote platform of the swimming pool. We can test functionality and wiring to ensure it’s all in working order. Does the unit properly activate the equipment it’s supposed to, like the lights, pump, heater, and accessories like water features? If you’ve never owned a swimming pool before, we can also give new homeowners a lesson on how to operate the pool automation system.

Pool Lighting

Pool Defenders will also inspect pool lighting and fixtures. We know how to test to see if all of the lights are working properly or not. Does the pool have old-fashioned light bulbs or has it been updated with energy-efficient LED light bulbs? Does the light fixture housing have condensation, leading to mildew and mold? You’d be surprised how little things like this can be easily missed by a non-pool professional!

Diving Boards and Slides

If your swimming pool has cool, fun accessories like a diving board or a slide, Pool Defenders will inspect them thoroughly to be sure that the equipment is in good working condition. An incorrectly installed slide or diving board, or one that has sustained damage, can quickly become a safety hazard for both children and adults. 

Water Features and Accessories

Pool Defenders also take the time to inspect specialty accessories, like an infinity edge and other water features. We will inspect the pool hydraulics and make sure that the catch basin is operating correctly. For water features like waterfalls, fountains, cascades, spouts, bubblers, grottos, and even laminar flows, we will be able to identify if the equipment is working as it should or if it is malfunctioning, shooting in the wrong direction, or leaking.

Specialty Pools and Saltwater Pools

Have a specialty pool, like a saltwater pool? Saltwater pools come with their own set of pros and cons. As experienced pool professionals, Pool Defenders are familiar with specialty pools. Due to the corrosive nature of saltwater, these pools come with considerations that freshwater pools do not. We will be able to identify any issues with your saltwater pool, like salt corrosion or problems with its special equipment, and be able to determine if it is working efficiently and effectively. You won’t believe how enjoyable a well-functioning saltwater pool feels in these sweltering Nashville summers!

Why Pool Inspections?

Why do you need a professional pool inspection?

For the same reason you need a home inspection, to avoid being responsible for very costly pool repairs. Pool Defenders will provide a professional inspection report that will clearly identify issues and how to resolve them. Unfortunately, few home inspectors have first-hand knowledge and experience with inground pools.

A home inspector or appraiser knows houses, not pools. A professional pool inspector, on the other hand, is more skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to pools, and can provide you a more thorough inspection report than a home appraiser or inspector. The pros at Pool Defenders can identify many more issues with your swimming pool than a home inspector or appraiser can because we know what to look for. This gives you a better idea of what needs to be repaired or updated and when an investment is sound or problematic. This knowledge and insight defends your investment in your swimming pool. Working with a pool inspector like Pool Defenders, along with a qualified home inspector or appraiser, gives you an advantage when it comes to buying or selling a home with an inground pool.

If you’ve owned your pool for many years and you think it might need an update or want to make it more energy-efficient, working with Pool Defenders can point you in the right direction in terms of necessary updates you may need to keep your pool in tip-top shape for many years to come. While some repairs and updating may seem costly, not addressing much-needed repairs for your pool will only cost more money in the long run. That’s what makes working with a professional pool inspector like us a worthwhile investment.

Benefits of working with Pool Defenders

There are many benefits to having your pool inspected by a professional pool inspector. Here are some of the best benefits:

  • You’ll have a better understanding of your pool and how it works. Whether you’re a new pool owner or have had one for many years, a detailed pool inspection can give you so much insight into your pool’s overall health. 
  • You may learn things about pools you never thought you needed to know! It will completely change how you look at your swimming pool. 
  • You’ll have a much better understanding of how to properly care for your pool, and make changes to it to optimize its operation. A huge part of our process is identifying how pools can be made more energy efficient. This saves you monthly on operational costs, but it also makes for a cleaner environment and smaller eco footprint. A highly-efficient pool also makes it easier to sell your home when the time comes!

If you are buying a house with a pool, you can use the pool inspection report to negotiate the price. If repairs to the pool are needed, you can also negotiate that the seller fixes the pool before buying your new home, or to lower the price. This negotiation will be harder to do without a detailed pool inspection report, along with a great home inspection report. Professional pool inspection reports give you a huge advantage when considering a home with an existing pool. If the report reveals no problems, you can buy with confidence, knowing there aren’t expensive repairs looming over your new purchase!
A professional pool inspection can help you make your swimming pool more energy-efficient. We all want to lower our power bills and most of us want to be responsible about using our dwindling natural resources. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. What’s the first step? An Energy Audit from Pool Defenders! With a detailed report from us, you will know where you need to start in the process of making your pool more energy-efficient. This audit will also save you thousands of dollars every year in energy costs to operate your pool! The average cost to run a pool pump in the Nashville area is over $1200 per year. Just switching to energy efficient options like a variable speed pump can save around $1000 per year. That’s $5000 in savings in 5 years!
You’ll be connected with the best pool service professionals in the Nashville area. Is your old pool pump worn out or broken, so you’re in need of a new one? Which pump is the best replacement for your old one? Is it energy-efficient? With a professional pool inspection, Pool Defenders can help you determine which pump is the best replacement and we will connect you with a qualified pool professional to install it. This significantly reduces the overall cost of owning a pool, since your need for service will be much lower.

Here at Pool Defenders, we are well-versed in all things pools. Owner Joel Cline has over 20 years of experience working in the pool industry. After working with his family’s pool business down in Georgia, Joel moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area. Driven to share his in-depth, expert knowledge and experience with homeowners and their swimming pools, Joel founded Pool Defenders. He knows everything you need to know about pools, which makes him the best pool inspector and consultant to work with in or around the Greater Nashville area.
In fact, we here at Pool Defenders are more than skilled and experienced. We have the highest certifications in the pool industry. The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance – formerly known as The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals – awarded us Certified Service Technician, which certifies that we are trained in all pool equipment, including automation and heaters, and as Certified Service Professionals, which certifies that we are highly qualified and experienced pool professionals in the industry, with over 20 years of experience. Plus, The National Swimming Pool Foundation awarded us the Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification, which certifies that we are skilled in knowing that your pool is clean and safe for use.

Pool Defenders works with homebuyers and homeowners, realtors, home appraisers, and home inspectors to provide in-depth pool inspections and consultations, so pool owners can defend their investment in their swimming pool and make informed decisions when caring and updating their pool.

Your swimming pool is a part of your home. Whether your new swimming pool needs costly repairs or you simply want your current pool updated to be more energy-efficient, Pool Defenders will give your pool a thorough visual inspection, including the structure of the pool, plumbing and pump, and automation. After our pool inspection, we will then provide an in-depth report on our recommendations on what repairs may be needed on your new swimming pool. We will then recommend reputable service professionals and required maintenance to best care for your new pool, including how to make your pool energy-efficient.

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