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Swimming pools can add great value to a home. But how much value? Home appraisals determine the real estate value of a home and property. By teaming up with a professional pool inspector, Nashville home appraisers can better evaluate a home and property with a swimming pool inspection. 

Nashville home appraiser’s pool inspection can give a generic overview of a pool and record obvious flaws and defects, like damage to the pool or deck, green algae water, and maybe those familiar with pools could note that the pump is broken. With this brief overview, they might be able to determine if the pool is in working order or not. If they can’t – either they can’t access the pool or if it has been winterized – the home appraiser must finish the appraisal with the assumption that the pool and its equipment can be restored to its full operating condition.

This generic appraisal of the swimming pool is not very tellin or helpful to you as a home appraiser, for that matter, when trying to determine the value of a home and property with a pool. What is the true value of the swimming pool? How much work is the new homeowner going to have to put into it, if any at all? What if there’s an underlying issue with the pool that isn’t obvious to the untrained eye? Pool Defenders can help!

Why Home Appraisers and Pool Defenders need to work together for Pool Inspection

The fact is, home appraisers are not professional pool inspectors. They know houses, not pools. Pool Defenders pros, however, know everything about pools! We can appraise a swimming pool’s value in a way that home appraisers simply can’t. By working together as a team, we can appraise the true value of a home and property – swimming pool and all – and give your clients a more accurate appraisal. Here are some other reasons why home appraisers should work with Pool Defenders:

We are experienced, trained, and have the highest certifications in the pool industry. These professional pool industry certifications include:

  • The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance – formerly known as The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals:
    • Certified Service Technician – Certifies that Pool Defenders are trained on ALL Pool Equipment,  including Automation and Heaters.
    • Certified Service Professional – Certifies that Pool Defenders are among the top qualified and experienced pool professionals in the industry, with over 20 years of experience.
  • The National Swimming Pool Foundation:
    • Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification – Certifies that Pool Defenders are trained and skilled at pool maintenance so that it is safe and clean for swimming.

Pool Defender can provide a more accurate pool appraisal than a home appraiser. Working with Pool Defenders is a great investment for Nashville home appraiser’s pool inspection and their clients, as we can give the most accurate current value of a swimming pool on a property. This appraisal report will be a huge advantage to your clients when buying a home with a pool, as it will give them a better idea of what the true market price of the home is. This report can also prioritize what should be fixed first with the pool, so the process of getting the pool ready for the real estate market is much easier.We would like to extend our pool expertise to you. So let’s work together! Call Pool Defenders today at  615-336-8401 or email us at to see how we can help your home appraisal business.

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