Energy-Efficient Tips

Tips on How to Make your Swimming Pool more Energy Efficient

If you’d like to make your swimming pool more cost-saving and energy-efficient, or you want to install a new pool with energy-efficiency in mind, we here at Pool Defenders have some tips for you:

Maintain your pool’s cleaning system. This helps it function at optimal capacity, keeping your pool clean without wasting too much power and money. A struggling cleaning system takes more power to run, which costs more over time. So make sure all filters and drains aren’t clogged and empty the skimmer baskets regularly. You’re also going to want to get into the habit of removing water surface debris daily. While it may sound tedious, preventative daily maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your pool and its cleaning equipment, it saves you a ton of money in energy costs and repair work over time.


Optimize your pool’s plumbing. Is your pool’s plumbing making your pump work harder than it has to? Pipes that have too many twists and turns, along with incorrectly-sized pipes, makes it difficult for your pump to do its job efficiently. It’s like having an oversized air conditioner. Instead of being more efficient, it cycles on and off too frequently, driving up energy costs, while failing to cool your home properly. Pool Defenders can let you know if your pool’s plumbing is designed to work optimally with your pump, or if it needs an update to improve the flow.

Update your pool’s heater with advanced heating technology. There are many pool heaters available now that are much more energy-efficient than their former counterparts. Gas heaters are very energy efficient, so don’t think that electric heaters are your only option in the Nashville area.

Also, turn your heater down or off when your pool is not in use. Even just turning it down 8 degrees or a bit more during the week will save you money, as it will reduce heating costs a great deal. When you’re ready to use your pool again, just turn the heat up in advance and remember to turn it back down when you’re done. And a great way to keep your pool warm without having to constantly run your heater is to invest in a pool cover. 

Consider replacing your pool’s old cover with a stronger, more durable one, if you haven’t already. High-quality pool covers can greatly reduce evaporation, which causes about 75% of heat loss. Plus, they are a perfect windbreak, reducing evaporation even further. They can also better insulate your pool, making it easier to heat. And of course, covers prevent debris from falling into your pool water, which in turn helps your pool’s cleaning system. All in all, high-quality pool covers – especially automatic or safety pool covers – are some of the best tools for making your pool more energy-efficient.

Invest in pool automation technology. Modern-day pool automation systems are designed to optimize energy use, helping you to lower your energy costs. Timers and digital thermostats also make monitoring your pool’s energy-efficiency a breeze. In fact, setting your heater to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will reduce energy use and save you money, while keeping your pool at a very comfortable swimming temperature. Smart pool and spa technologies like this have advantages beyond energy savings, such as the ability to control your pool or spa from anywhere using a digital device. From securing your pool from intruders to controlling when your kids can access the pool, there are so many reasons to go with pool and spa automation.

Use large pool filters and clean them frequently. The larger the filter, the more water can flow through them, so your pool pump doesn’t have to work twice as hard. This helps lower your pump’s energy usage and extends its lifetime, all of which saves you money in the long run. You’ll also want to run your pool’s filtration system during the off-peak hours when energy demand is lower. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, you can save considerably by running your pump during the hottest periods during the daytime and switching to the evening hours during cooler periods.


Install LED Lighting. If you’re using old fashioned incandescent pool light bulbs, update them to LED pool lights. LED lighting is much more energy-efficient and cost-saving than outdated pool light bulbs, as it only takes 50 watts to power them in comparison to 300 watt incandescent bulbs. This means that switching to LED bulbs can cut your energy expenses by 90%! That’s a lot of energy savings! LED lights also last for many years, so you won’t have to replace them often. Some options are programmable to allow for a beautiful light show to revolutionize your nighttime swims, and make for a spectacular pool party your guests will never forget! 

Revamp your backyard landscaping surrounding your pool. You may not think so, but your landscaping can play a huge role in the energy-efficiency of your swimming pool. For example, creating a natural windbreak, like a large hedge or a privacy fence, will prevent heat loss and decrease evaporation, which will save you money. However, placement of certain plants surrounding your pool may pose an issue, like leaves from overhanging trees falling into the pool’s water, which will clog your pool’s cleaning system. This will only lower the cleaning system’s energy-efficiency. Prevent other chances of clogging by sweeping up lawn trimmings after mowing and avoid planting flowers and plants near the pool’s edge. Pool Defenders can help you understand what makes for excellent landscaping around your pool versus plants you’d be better off without.


Consider your pool’s interior finish. Some pool finishes are more energy-efficient than others. A darker colored finish, for example, absorbs more of the sun’s rays, which will make it easier to keep your pool’s water warm. Some are also longer lasting, which reduces the overall lifetime costs of owning a pool.

And of course, get an Energy Audit from Pool Defenders!

If you’re not sure where to begin making your swimming pool more energy-efficient, invest in an Energy Audit from Pool Defenders. We will give your pool a thorough inspection and deliver a detailed report on how to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient. We will also recommend eco-friendly replacement equipment, give you tips on how to fix up your yard, and help you maintain your pool for optimal efficiency. 

If you would like more tips and ideas on how to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient, or if you would like to schedule an Energy Audit, contact Pool Defenders today.

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